About Us

Who are we

Euna Prime Services is a renewable energy company that specializes in the design, supply, installation and manage services for solar power solution.


To be the best value based energy company that provides compelling energy solutions to her clients using the best contemporary technologies in the execution of our projects.


Leading the charge for the successful transition to the world of renewable energy by providing innovative solutions to underserved customers, equipping them to be in control of power, and to build a culture of excellence and efficiency in the safe execution of all our projects

Why Euna Prime services

Over the years we have reinstalled, managed and maintain existing solar systems, which were poorly designed and installed wrongly by incompetent and unqualified technicians. At EUNA PRIME SERVICES we take pride in our work Which is why we make sure our best technicians handles our solar solution from start to finish.

» Competent, experienced and certified Engineers and technicians

» We carry out feasibility study on the site

» Design and advise on best solution that meet our clients need

» Supply and install your solar solution

» Ensure quality checks and issue warranty

» Support - manage and monitor the system (optional)

W – We help you fix your energy problems with the best energy solutions

H – Help you save cost.

Y – You decide, we act on your decision.

Competitive Service

Best practice before installation is to have a well laid down plan.

» Understand the scope of work

» Accurate design with SLD to show installation design and efficiency.

» We use Software like heliscope, Pvsyst, Redscreen, AutoCAD for our designs.

» Risk analysis – ensure safety measures are put in place to mitigate or remove hazard.

» Budget – solution has to be within the scope of the project

» Quality control – ensure all materials supplied are tested and meets clients request before deployment to site.

» Ensure client is satisfied with your plan and proposed solution before installation commences.